Our Dental Services

Whether your dental needs include a complete oral exam and cleaning, a full-mouth restoration, or anything in between, we promise to provide you with exceptional care as we enhance the natural beauty of your smile.  At Sacks & Schwarzwald in Newton, NJ, your smile is our first priority.

Sacks & Schwarzwald provides a wide variety of services from examination to determine problem areas to performing any manner or oral procedure to repair or restore your teeth to looking their best.  For cracked, broken, stained, missing or crooked teeth, call us to make an appointment for a consultation and we will develop and implement a plan to correct your dental problems.  Your teeth will not only look amazing, but will feel great too.  No more pain, and no more embarrassing smile!  Click on any of the services below for a more in depth description.

A close-up of a person wearing a clear orthodontic aligner over their teeth, with a focus on the lips and aligner.

Bleaching Trays

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Close-up comparison of teeth before and after dental cleaning, highlighting plaque removal and improved oral hygiene.

Bondings and White Fillings

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Close-up of a dental model showing a set of teeth with a dental tool examining the molars, highlighting dental health and treatment.

Crowns / Bridges

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A woman having a dental examination with a dentist using tools to check her teeth, both wearing medical gloves, in a clinical setting.

Dental Hygiene

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A young boy smiles at the camera, making an "ok" gesture with his hand, focusing on the gesture in the foreground.


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3d illustration of a dental implant in a jawbone, showing the metal post, abutment, and crown surrounded by natural teeth.


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Close-up of a dental mold showing detailed upper molars, focusing on textures and shapes against a black background.

Inlays / Onlays

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A close-up of a person inserting a clear orthodontic aligner onto their upper teeth.


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Full set of upper dentures isolated on a white background.

Partials / Dentures

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Four sequential illustrations depicting a root canal procedure on a tooth, from infected state to final restoration with a crown.

Root Canals

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Woman with a bright smile pointing at her teeth, wearing a turquoise top, isolated on a white background.

Veneers and Lumineers

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Close-up comparison of a smile showing teeth before and after whitening treatment.

Zoom! Whitening

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Dental After Care

With any dental procedure, it is extremely important to follow your dental provider’s instructions for proper dental care to ensure your dental work is not damaged and prevent infections and other medical problems.  Please click here to access a guide to help you care for your oral health following various dental procedures.  We also welcome you to contact our office if you have further questions.